KATO Everyone needs a sidekick

What does it take to configure KATO? You will definitely need to configure KATO to connect to your instance of MySql. Optionally, you may wish to revisit some of your PHP and Apache settings for a more optimized usage of KATO.

MySql Connection

How do you configure KATO to talk to your instance of the database? All you have to do is edit the dbh.php file. Look for the mysql_connect and mysql_select commands and edit those lines to provide the appropriate database server host name, user name, password, and database name.

Java developers will also want to edit the JDBC connection string in the SuopfAgent.java file.


Here are some other PHP and Apache configuration settings that you should be aware of.

Your .htaccess file in your kato web folder should redirect requests for that folder to index.php if it doesn't already do this.

You may have to increase your max_execution_time setting from your php.ini file if you are running a lot of agents.

Your PHP environment must be built with both MySql and cURL bindings which is common.

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