KATO Everyone needs a sidekick

What do you do to install KATO? Here are the step-by-step instructions on where to copy the files and how to create the database. Also, KATO has some software dependencies that you need to have pre-installed in order for KATO to run right.

Copying Files

You need to copy the files to the right place on your developer workstation or web server. The files from the etc folder are not to be accessible from the web server. They are useful only during the installation step. The files from the htdocs folder should all get copied to the same folder under the document root for the Apache web server. The files and folders under the java directory need to be copied under the src/examples/behaviours folder located wherever you installed JADE.

Creating Database

Here are the step-by-step instructions for creating the database and for initializing it to look like the demo site. Obviously, you have to have already installed MySql server (either versions 4 or 5) on a machine that is reachable by the web server.

The CreateDB.sql file contains the script that you need to run in order to create the database schema. You must have already created the database itself.

The initDemoDB.sql file contains the commands to pre-initialize the database to look like what you see on the demo site.


Here are some other software packages that KATO depends on.

KATO will run on either Linux or Windows. It has been tested on both Redhat, CentOS, and Windows 2000.

A somewhat modern version of the Apache web server is also required. Anything from version 2 or newer will do the job. Your version of Apache needs to be compiled with bindings for MySql and with cURL installed.

Any MySql server from version 4 or 5 is also a requirement.

The same goes for PHP. Either versions 4 or 5 will suffice.

KATO is dependent on version 2.7.0 of the YUI or Yahoo User Interface java script components.

The sample agent that comes with KATO also depends on the SimplePie library.

The Java version of KATO has the following dependencies.

You will need the following JAR files from the Java Agent Development Framework or JADE; http.jar, iiop.jar, jade.jar, jadeTools.jar, and commons-codec-1.3.jar

You will also need the mailapi.jar and the imap.jar files from version 1.4.2 of the JavaMail API.

JavaMail depends on the activation.jar file from version 1.1.1 of the Java Activation Framework.

We are using version 5 of the MySql database server so you will also need the mysql-connector-java-5.0.5-bin.jar file.

The java agents also have dependencies on version 1.7 of httpunit so consider adding the following jar files to your classpath; httpunit, js-1.6Rs, jtidy-4aug2000r7-dev, junit-3.8.1, and xercesImpl-2.6.1.

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