KATO Everyone needs a sidekick

How do you obtain the code for KATO? You can either download an archive file containing the latest stable release or you can use subversion to get the latest and greatest code under active development.

Stable Release

When a release gets stabilized, it is packaged as an archive file which you can download from the sourceforge repository. These files are great if you just want to use KATO and release your own agents. You should really use subversion to get the latest if you want to work on the KATO framework itself.


Developers wishing to obtain the latest and greatest or wishing to participate on coding the framework will need to use subversion to get the project. I am assuming that you are already familiar with the popular open source version control system known as subversion. Here is the necessary command to use.

svn co https://kato.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/kato kato

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