KATO Everyone needs a sidekick

Here are questions of interest to those who wish to use KATO. The Agent Search menu takes you to a page where you will learn about how to search for agents to meet your needs. There are also answers to questions about what the demo site can do and what it cannot do.


How is KATO deployed? Is it a firefox extension?

No, KATO is deployed as a traditional web application. There is an administrative web GUI where you configure and run your agents. The agents themselves run on a server and not on your web browser.

Why run the agents on a server?

So that your agents can be working for you when you are not even on line.

Software Agents

What are the differences between software agents and job scheduling?

Like job scheduling, agents are tasked to run periodically. Unlike job scheduling, agents can invoke other agents. Think of software agents as job scheduling on steroids.

What are the differences between software agents and programs?

From a technical perspective, a software agent is a type of program. From an end user perspective, a program typically does what you tell it to do when you ask it to whereas an agent does what you want now and in the future until you tell it to stop. Programs complete tasks whereas agents finish goals.

What are the differences between software agents and workflow?

Workflow is a complicated subject but, basically, it is all about capturing and managing a potentially large number of business rules and is very enterprise oriented. Multi-agent systems can and have been combined with workflow before. KATO doesn't presently do that because KATO is more oriented towards mainstream individual users and not corporations.

Agent Search

How do I know which agent will do what I am looking for?

Right now, the choice is real simple because the list of agents is fairly small. Later on, we will be providing a keyword oriented agent search capability based on taxonomy.

Community Edition

Do I have to install KATO just to be able to take advantage of it?

No, we will grow the demo site into a full fledged community edition which will act as a publicly accessible repository for the agents submitted to us. If you have no development interest in KATO and just want to be able to use agents to do your bidding, then go ahead and register on the demo site and stay tuned to the twitter feed which is where we will announce new agents as they become available.

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