KATO Everyone needs a sidekick

You can watch KATO in action by reviewing the demo site for KATO. The Signing In page (see side bar at left) explains how to authenticate with the demo site. The Schedule Agent link is where you learn how to schedule a KATO agent to do your bidding. The Run Engine link takes you to instruction on how to run the KATO engine to process the scheduled agents.

For more comprehensive instructions on both using and developing for KATO, see this online tutorial (registration required).

Signing In

KATO does not allow guests to schedule agents or to run the engine so the first thing that you need to do is to sign in to KATO. If you have never signed in before, then you will need to register on the demo site. Once you have signed in, you will stay signed in until you close your web browser completely. Be advised that you sign in with your user name and not your email address.

Schedule Agent

The second thing is to schedule an already existing agent to run. Let's use the feed tweeter agent in the catalog. The feed tweeter scans a news feed for a search term and tweets any items from the feed that match the search. You will need to set the parameters for the agent in order to get it to do what you want.

Click on the Search Parameter menu on the left hand side.

Pick the feed tweeter watcher in the catalog drop down list then click the search button.

Click the first row in the search results grid which is URL.

Click the edit link.

Enter the URL of the RSS or ATOM feed that you want the agent to search.

Click the Save button.

Return to the scheduled parameters for the feed tweeter watcher and properly specify all four parameters.

The Search parameter is the term that you wish to search for.

The user parameter is the username for the twitter account whose status you wish to update.

Pass is the password for that twitter account.

Run Engine

For the purposes of this demo, you will have to crank the agent engine manually. You do this by clicking the process link in the top horizontal navigation bar.

You should get a message that identifies how many agents participated in this run.

Click on the Message Log link in the vertical navigation bar on the left hand side to review the messages created by the agent.

You can also visit the twitter page for where you told the agent to tweet.

Be sure to return to the schedule parameter for pass to erase the password that you entered in earlier.

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