KATO Everyone needs a sidekick

Not a developer? No problem. Non-developers can participate in KATO in the following ways. We maintain a challenge on Cogenuity which serves as a discussion forum for how to make KATO better. Also, we encourage you to use the demo site in order to give us good operational information on KATO.

Join Us on Cogenuity

Join the discussion about KATO on Cogenuity. Review this challenge for making KATO more useful to both developers and to the general web surfing public at large. Voice your own feedback or propose new enhancements. All are welcome to participate here. Anyone can review what goes on there but registration on Cogenuity is required to post content.

Use the Demo Site

Use the demo site. You will need to register before you can access most of the functionality.

Right now, all we have is the sample agents. As time goes by and more agents are collected, we encourage you to use the demo site to do real work. When you do use an agent, we ask that you rate it.

We also encourage you to spread the word. Blog about KATO. Tell your friends. Log any defects that you may find or suggest new features.

Take This Survey

We are currently considering a redesign of KATO from both the developer and end user perspectives. Please take this survey which will help focus our redesign efforts on making KATO's features more relevant to the needs of folks like you. A lot of surveys are thinly disguised marketing collateral. I promise you that this survey is not one of those.

Participate in the discussion of this redesign effort.

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