KATO Everyone needs a sidekick

Welcome to the KATO Project. We are excited about what KATO can do and we hope that you become excited too. KATO is all about saving time on the web. Click on How it Started to learn about the origins of KATO. Click on How it Works for a brief introduction to the KATO technology. Click on Why Contribute for an explanation of why we believe that KATO will grow to serve a very important role in helping people on the web.

How It Started

How did project KATO get started? KATO originated from the needs of on the go individuals with time constraints, and heavy schedules. College student Michael Brown and Glenn Engstrand, of Dynamical Software, Inc, are two individuals with skin tight schedules and multiple daily commitments that both shared a common vision of a "sidekick" or virtual "assistant" that would indulge their daily online activities in a time efficient way, as they carry on other important tasks like school work and coding web apps. Out of their common vision came the idea for KATO- a system of agents that will carry on the web activities of developers and users alike, as if they were the endusers themselves!

How It Works

How does project KATO work? Project KATO is very simple to work, yet so powerful at delivering the desired results. Schedule the right agent from the catalog. Set up that agent's parameters with your particulars. Go do the rest of your life confident that KATO will eventually do what you originally asked for it to do once it finds that the right conditions have been finally met.

Why Contribute?

Why should PHP or Java developers consider writing agents for KATO? KATO is a simple to use product with endless possibilities, and opportunities. KATO's purpose is to solve the problems of end users through the careful designing and implementation of software agents. As we all know, not all "problems" are the same, and no two person(s) look at solving the same problem the same way. This is where KATO comes in. Because KATO is open source, it can be easily extended and re-purposed to solve a large number of very different types of problems. As a developer, you may need to scratch itches such as social profile synchronization or camping out on job boards or auction sites. You are most probably already familiar with the effectiveness of writing tools that automate tasks. Why not write those tools in a way that is easy for the web community at large to use? That being said, you can develop an agent to fulfill your needs or the needs of your market in a time efficient manner. It you can envision it, with KATO, you can implement it!

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